About Me


I was taught to sew at a very young age by my mother and have always been drawn toward rich opulent textiles, I love the texture and jewel like colours, even more so once they achieve a beautiful time worn, faded grandeur that only centuries of age can produce. No matter how good a reproduction might be you never achieve that textural quality , beauty and drama with anything but the real thing. The next time you are in a beautifully decorated room take a minute to appreciate the very important role textiles play to achieve the overall look. Be it the curtains, pillows, throws, upholstery or a dramatic wall hanging. The use of Sumptuous fabrics, such as silks, velvet's, satin's, taffeta, tapestry , trims and ribbons I come from a long line of Antique Dealers which I am able to trace back at least one hundred and fifty years. I have recently found papers relating to other family members located in Spitalfields London selling textiles as far back at least to the early 1800's. My passion for textiles is quite obviously in my genes. Thank you for visiting my shop. Jan